Steps in Operating Your Smart Watch


Smartwatch is a screen sensitive wearable computer designed in the form of a wristwatch. The smartwatches can perform similarly as a smartphone. Owning a smartwatch is a luxury to assists in our day to day lives. The smartwatches function with FM radio and portable media player. The internal disk varies where most watches have electronic visual display while others have an electronic paper to use less power. Smart watches can collect information from external devices and communicate with sensors. Some smartphones usually work with a mobile phone with the same system of mobile operation. The advanced technology has led to the development of unique smartwatch Operating System which can work with smartphones.


There are various operating systems developed including Sailfish OS, Android OS, Asteroid OS and Watch OS. Managing a smartwatch may challenging; the following step will offer you a guideline on how to set up and operate a smartwatch.


Download Android Wear App


The first step is to download the android app on the smartphone then turn on the smartwatch. Some of the smartwatches do not have physical buttons hence you have to place it in the charging cradle while the power is on. The best smartwatches also have Bluetooth ability to pair with the smartphones to enhance sending and receiving applications.


Language Selection and Bluetooth Pairing


The next step is to choose a language to use while working with the smartwatch. The Android wear will have a prompt indicating to start the Android Wear Application. The pairing of the devices is done by tapping on the prompts in an Android device. The following step is to touch the device which is on the list of available devices activated by Bluetooth. The paired Bluetooth devices have the same code.


Enable the Android Wear Application and Google Application


After confirming if the watch and the device have the same code the remaining part is straightforward. Tap through your phone for the next few steps; most smartwatches start updating their software. The update requires firm and a lot of data usage, therefore connect to a strong WIFI. Mainly depending on the settings, the Android Wear App prompts you to enable the notification access. The software requires you to follow the prompts and check the box next to Android Wear in the notifications. Google is an excellent application to use in the connection for maximum efficiency. Enable the Android Wear Application, the result to Google users is that there is no access to Google, therefore, log in to your personal Google Account, after Google is enabled in it will work on the smartwatch.


The smartwatch takes some time to update, but the watches vary in their network connection ability and processor speed. If the watch experiences a system failure, it is wise to move to the dealer for an exchange. Smartwatch is an extension of the mobile phone, thus always install the application in your phone to the smartwatch to improve its efficiency. The apps in the smartwatch will work similarly as the applications in the Android Mobile phone.


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